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Secure Your Trip to Japan with Travel Insurance Providing Five Valuable Benefits

Whether you love binge-eating sushi or beautiful ancient sites and castles, Japan should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Japan might be a good place to start even if you wish to explore international business opportunities. But no matter the purpose of your trip, it comes with the risk of emergencies, both medical and non-medical, making it essential to have a safety net – which in this case is Japan travel insurance.

Health issues, including illnesses and injuries, can knock on your door any time, but they can be especially daunting when you’re in a foreign country. For instance, a week of hospitalization in Japan alone can cost you up to JPY 365,000 without insurance, which comes close to Rs 2.5 lakhs. But by investing in Japan travel insurance, you can secure yourself against such hefty bills and financial losses while also being protected against several non-health issues.

If you plan on traveling to Japan, consider buying travel insurance, and keep on reading to know all the details.

Travel Insurance

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Are You Legally Obligated to Have Travel Insurance When Travelling to Japan?

Travel insurance is a prerequisite for a Japanese visa, and since you cannot enter the country without a valid visa, you need to have a travel insurance plan. Although there is no specified limit or restriction on the coverage amount, your travel policy’s tenure should last for the complete duration of your stay. Therefore, make sure you purchase a suitable Japan travel insurance plan before planning your trip.

What Does a Japan Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

Here is a list of all the inclusions of a travel insurance plan for Japan:

  • Emergency hospitalization due to illness, accident, or injury, including IPD and OPD expenses.
  • Permanent total disability and accidental death
  • Medical evacuation to your home country during emergencies
  • Continued medical treatment in your home country for up to 30 days
  • Hospitalization costs incurred due to treatment for Covid-19
  • Compensation for trip delay, interruption, or cancellation
  • Accidental death if travelling by common carrier/public transport in Japan
  • Medical coverage for pre-existing conditions, as per policy terms & conditions
  • Coverage for loss of passport or check-in baggage, including applicable sub-limits

The Valuable Benefits of Japan Travel Insurance Plans

Even though it is mandatory to have travel insurance to travel to Japan, here are some valuable benefits you should consider:

1. Peace of Mind & Comfort

Whether you’re traveling to Japan to study, work, or for a vacation, buying a Japan travel insurance plan will give you much-needed peace of mind. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected financial burden, and you can travel comfortably and stress-free.

2. Extensive Medical Coverage

In the unfortunate event that you fall sick or get in an accident during your trip, a Japan travel insurance policy will protect you against any medical expenses you may incur, including hospitalization costs.

3. Cash-Free Claim

Arranging funds during emergencies, especially in a foreign currency, can be challenging, but the cashless claim feature included in travel insurance plans for Japan ensures you don’t have to worry about the same. With this facility, you won’t have to pay anything from your pocket as the insurer settles payments directly with the health care provider.

4. Sufficient Compensation

A great benefit of buying Japan travel insurance is that it offers compensation for a range of things, including accidental death, permanent total disability, trip delay, trip cancellation, loss of checked-in bags, trip interruption, loss of passport, and much more.

5. Hotel Accommodations

Making changes to hotel bookings can be tough if you’re ill or hospitalized for medical treatment. However, most insurance providers take care of your stay accommodation, including any additional expenses you might incur when you buy travel insurance.

While we have covered all the important aspects of a Japan travel insurance plan, policy buyers should ensure they opt for credible and trusted insurance companies/providers like Care Health Insurance. Doing so is crucial, so you don’t face any last-minute trouble while filing the claim and your international trip is as hassle-free as possible!



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