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Cindy Shaoul Reinvents Whimsical Scenes In Colorful Paintings

Rain in Soho, 2020 — Cindy Shaoul
Rain in Soho, 2020 — Cindy Shaoul

Art is not something new, however it seems to be talked about more these days. There are so many artists today creating amazing art, and today we explore the enchanting art of Brooklyn-based Cindy Shaoul. Born in 1987 in New York, Cindy Shaoul is a visual listed American artist best recognized for her series ‘Brides’, ‘Dripping Dots’ and ‘Hearts’, as well as her ‘Plein-Air’ street scenes of quintessential New York locations. Her work can be found in permanent collections of hundreds of private and corporate collections worldwide, including notable celebrities such as as Emma Roberts, Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Catherine Deneuve and John Malkovich.

After completing her professional education at Emerson College in Boston, she later moved to Israel and Hungary to study culture and science, she attended the Budai Art Institute from 2007-2009, later returning to New York City to continue her artistic education at the Art Students League. In 2010 she met renowned street artist Angel Ortiz who previously worked with Keith Haring; LA II strongly influenced her style with the powerful impact of 1980s hip-hop and graffiti, propelling her reputation and pushing her into the city’s explosive urban art scene.The Queens Gambit — Cindy ShaoulWith a Hungarian-Persian background that comes from a lineage of artists, Shaoul has matured unique expressions with her voice and story to tell.

Sass and Smarts – Cindy Shaoul

Her studio is a vibrant and exciting place that is ever-changing with art pieces, tables lined with oil paint tubes, backgrounds for hearts, and new and worked-on canvases that line the walls.

Hold The Preserves – Cindy Shaoul

Shaoul has been highlighted in Vanity Fair and Luxe, among other prestigious media outlets. Check out the painting and let the photos do a better job of telling the story.

Reading in Style - Emma Roberts
Reading in Style – Emma Roberts

All Images Courtesy of Cindy Shaoul

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