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Cultured Chicago: Creative Ideas To Explore In The City

Chicago cloud gate
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Chicago being Chicago means you have no excuse for finding somewhere to visit. There are a variety of different beach bars amongst rooftops as well as down below. The city offers a unique experience in this regard, where you can sit in a skyscraper sipping your cocktail whilst listening to the waves crash against the shore. Truthfully, there is a range of different creative ideas you could explore within the city.

Take Part In A Concert At Ravinia

If you’re a Chicago local, then you will be familiar with just how good a night out is at the Ravinia, with a variety of outdoor concerts throughout the year. If you’ve never been, then now is the best time to look into it. Get there early to ensure you can grab a seat on the lawn, and embrace the night.

Explore New Spots

Chicago is a vibrant city, with new places to visit always appearing. Whilst it’s easy to think that businesses struggled and closed throughout the pandemic, we have started to see a boost in the local dining scene. Even well-established and local favorites have refurbished what they have to offer something new and exciting for customers. It’s certainly worth your time to walk the streets and see what you can find.

Visit A Music Studio

You will most likely be familiar with Chicago’s connection with music, especially with its connection to jazz and blues music. Great stars such as Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and Howlin’ Wolf can trace their roots to Chicago, especially with the unique style of Dixieland jazz.

That’s why it may be a fun experience for you to visit a music studio in the heart of Chicago and experience the process of being creative and writing music, as well as mixing in general. You will have a few options, but you should work within a studio that provides you with exactly what you need, and provide guidance for when you need it. Pirate’s Chicago music studios provide just this, with 24/7 access available for music production and vocal capture.

Unique Museum Exhibits

If you’re a Chicago native or just someone familiar with the city, then you will probably be aware of how culturally rich the city is for its museums. The beauty of these modern museums is that they will have revolving exhibits that offer you something unique with every visit. Chicago has no shortage of reasons to visit these museums.

For example, the Art Institute has Monet’s exhibition, which could attract both new fans and well-established art critics. You will also have the Field Museum, which has several exhibitions such as the Griffin Halls and even Sue the T. Rex. The Museum of Science & Industry has a recently added Marvel exhibition, which includes interactive displays, as well as close looks at costumes and comics used throughout Marvel.

If you’re looking for something more unique, then it may be worth your time to wander down to the International Museum of Surgical Sciences, which hosts a variety of unique shows and exhibitions throughout the year. As well as these popular museums, you will find dozens of smaller more unique museums, with some even hosted out of people’s homes. It’s worth going to these off the beaten track museums, as they offer a more creative experience.

Visit A Speakeasy

It wouldn’t be Chicago if there wasn’t a variety of different speakeasies to visit. These popular bars help bring you back to a time of the roaring 20s when prohibition was in place. With Chicago playing such a major role back then, it’s one of the main reasons you can still find speakeasies across the city, from places such as Bordel, Blind Barber and the Alderman.

There are also several secret bars hidden across the city that you should find to experience a unique night out. These are often independent businesses, who offer an experience that you won’t find with chain organizations.

Visit The Navy Pier

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Chicago saw several businesses and public outlets close for safety reasons. Now, however, they are finally starting to open up again, giving a sense of normality. Whilst it was easy to mock visiting Navy Pier as a local, it has started to seem like a fun place to visit once more. That’s largely thanks to the weekly Saturday night fireworks show that was on this summer, but there is a range of new things coming to the pier this year.

Going forward, it’s likely that this will only grow in popularity, prompting the city to offer more incentives and benefits to visiting, to keep the number high. The main thing is that you visit places that make you happy, and sometimes it’s going to a place that you didn’t think you would miss.


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