This 1979 Honda CX500 Biancaneve By Dotto Creations Is Perfection

Biancaneve By Dotto CreationsThis impressive ride is the work of Dotto Creations founders Francesco Iannuzzi and Gianluca Bartolini – the talented automotive designers met while working for legendary design firm Pininfarina. The project christened “Biancaneve”  Italian for “Snow White” is based on a 1979 Honda CX500; Instead of opting for an Italian machine, they chose a Japanese motorcycle whose design was heavily influenced by a Moto Guzzi produced in the ’80.

’It wants to be a sculpture to look at when it’s parked and give a smooth experience when ridden. Nothing more, nothing less,’ said the founders of Dotto Creations.

The bike was stripped to the bare metal, repaired, and restored until the mechanics came back to their original reliability; Biancaneve retains only the original chassis and the iconic Comstar wheels, but the rest.. it is a totally bespoke creation.

The elaborate seat design is without a doubt unique, a cutout at the rear is hinged to reveal the leather and Alcantara seat.

Images Courtesy of Dotto Creations

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