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Gilt-y Pleasures: Holiday Fashion for the Party Lover in All of Us

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, it’s not just about one night. There has been increasing demand for dresses and partywear that are not just for the main moment, but for the night before and the morning after. Thanksgiving is not just about one meal, but a weekend with various activities that can be celebrated in festive attire. Think New Year’s Eve sequin dress and metallic two-piece set for New Year’s Day.

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No doubt, metallic fabrics are bringing the party spirit back into fashion this holiday season.  A major trend, for both big and small events, is to bring a happy and celebratory vibe to the occasion through what one wears. Party-ready clothes are no longer reserved just for evening gowns and formal attire, but for every moment that can be enjoyed.

Donna Leah Designs is keeping her finger on the pulse of what women want, and the growing demand for multiple dresses has resulted in a well-rounded collection that’s inspired by her passion for evening gowns. The latest collections nod to pre-event gatherings, and all of the celebrations surrounding the actual holiday, with hand-embellished denim, tops with shine, and two-piece monochrome sets that feel festive.

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At the heart of the Donna Leah Designs brand is the focus on evening gowns. Holiday time is the opportunity to focus on metallics and sequin, one of the designer’s greatest passions. The latest collection features signature long-sleeve gown created in stunningly detailed fabrics and dramatic details. This season’s standouts acknowledge a woman’s desire to make a fashion statement that is sophisticated and independent of hard and fast fashion rules. What truly constitutes a statement-look is based on the preferences of the individual. A unique look is not only dependent on the gown, but how it is accessorized.

Notable details from Donna Leah that are of particular interest to those shopping for holiday looks are fluid capes and dramatic sleeves that ooze Hollywood glamour. In addition to sequin and fabrics with shine, the designer has also embraced lace which appears in unexpected hues including orange, green, blue and hot pink. These are bold Instagram ready looks and the impressive nature of the gowns stands out.

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“I think that what I love about the holiday time is that we can wear metallics for a variety of occasions that take place day or night. Women can accessorize their look and personalize it to make it their own. There are so many fun ways to change a look with shoes, jewelry, and even nails!” explains designer Donna Leah. “Styling is all about versatility. It allows a woman’s personality to completely shine through.”

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With people’s dreams of finally being able to safely attend soirees becoming reality, thoughts turn to selecting the best party outfits. There is a shift in our attention from loungewear to party wear and each opportunity to add excitement to the event through fashion. “If the invitation is to a pre-holiday party, get together with office mates, family luncheon, or New Year’s bash with friends, it doesn’t hurt to start planning right now!” suggests Donna Leah.

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