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Tom Hanks’ volleyball from Cast Away sold for $308,000

Cast Away  The iconic volleyball that became Tom Hanks’ best friend in the Oscar-nominated 2000 film Cast Away has sold at auction for a staggering $308,000 (£230,000). The ball is described by the auction house as “heavily distressed with paint applied to create a worn, dirtied appearance”. There is a dark brown-and-red ‘face’ on the front, representing Chuck’s bloody handprint. It features a faded pair of eyes, nose, and mouth. The top is torn open, and an array of tobacco stalks are inserted to replicate the appearance of hair.

The film prop was sold on Prop Store on Tuesday (November 9) much more than earlier estimates – between £40,000 to £60,000.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Cast Away is also one of Hanks’ most successful films, the actor was nominated for Best Actor at the 2001 Academy Awards for his role, but lost out to Russell Crowe for Gladiator.

Images Courtesy of Prop Store

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