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Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Setting for a Romantic Proposal

Wedding ThemesIf you’ve found the perfect woman and you are looking for romantic ways to propose, maybe it would be good to start with the ‘where’ rather than the how. Think of it like a set on a movie where the backdrop is just as important as what the actors are doing on stage. In fact, they could be reciting the same lines and without scenery it would have little impact. Therefore, once you choose where you’d like to pop the question, it will be easier to think of how to add that element of romance to the words you are saying.

Getting Inspiration

One of the things you can do is get searching online to find inspiration for creative ways to propose. One blog on the Greenvelope website offers 20 different romantic ways to propose. This particular company is all about the ecology and they have a team of talented artists and authors who create electronic cards and invitations. Often referred to as e-cards or e-invites, these are becoming quite popular for several reasons, among which is the reduction of wasting natural resources.

However, the beautiful cards they create might just be one of the ways you could make that moment magically special. After all, you don’t need to pop the question on the beach or at Disneyland, but you could ask her while watching a movie at home. If streaming movies are your favorite date night, then why not come back after a break for snacks and load the e-card with your thoughts and, of course, the question. How amazingly romantic would that be? And, what a surprise! We bet she won’t see that coming!

Tradition Isn’t Everything

For generations we have all seen those stereotypical movies where the lovestruck man takes his lady love to Paris for a vacation away from the prying eyes of family and friends. Here, he takes her on a ‘sightseeing’ tour of the Eiffel Tower and when on the green of the Champ de Mars he gets down on one knee and asks for her hand. Yes, it’s traditional, way overdone and boring!

Going abroad may not be something everyone can afford so bear in mind that tradition isn’t everything. You don’t need to be seated at a candlelit dinner in a 5-star restaurant complete with a wine steward and roving musicians. That is also too traditional for so many of today’s young people. These things can be terribly expensive, and wouldn’t you rather put that money into a ring she can treasure for always?

Make It All About Her

Romantic Proposal

One of the things that often amazes pro ball fans is how a man can have a banner plane flying above with the question during halftime. Going to see a Seahawks game might be something special to the guy, but the girl may only be there for him. Unless she’s an avid sports fan, proposing at halftime in a crowded Seahawks stadium might be anything but romantic.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if she didn’t accept your proposal in front of all those fans and probably on national television? While this may not be your main concern because you have that kind of close relationship where you believe she will happily say yes, it’s not something most women would consider romantic. She’d probably be thinking, “Why does it always have to be about him?” So, take the time to suss out the places she likes to go and the things she likes to do.

Saying the Right Words

Believe it or not, the words you say are extremely important. Think back for just a moment to that movie scene mentioned above. Just as the scenery is as important as the lines the actors are saying, so too are the right words for the occasion just as important. If your girlfriend is a romantic at heart, then it will take special care to ask her as romantically as possible. Once you have found that special place you intend to propose, start thinking of how to show her that she is your everything.

Perhaps she loves taking a leisurely walk through the park at dusk, holding hands and just being there with you. Maybe you could use words to the effect that her love for you brings a sense of serenity to your being and it’s something you want to cherish for the rest of your life. Maybe you wouldn’t use those exact words, but the meaning would be there. The important thing here is to tie all the elements together while using words that come naturally to you. If you are uncomfortable, you just might stumble, and the words will come out all wrong. Take the time to actually write and rehearse how you will ask her to be your wife and it will flow when the time is right.

A Final Thought Often Lost in Translation

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Unfortunately, in today’s society, marriages aren’t as stable as they once were. We seem to live in a world where divorce is a common occurrence. One of the things you might wish to express is that for you, marriage is forever. You are saying what you mean, and you mean what you say. While it might not seem important because we sometimes assume others understand our ethics and worldviews, it is vitally important to the woman you love. Women tend to want that romantic forever after princess affair and by showing her that you will treasure her always, it will have a big impact on her response.

No, you don’t have to go into a long diatribe on the issue of foreverness, but simple words such as you look forward to her walking beside you for the rest of your life will get the point across. Today’s women are often reluctant to commit because so many marriages end in dissolution and that’s not what they are looking for. It’s altogether too easy to live together without the commitment and that’s something most women crave – the commitment of forever. Get that across and her heart will be won.


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