This Stunning Furniture by Studio Seitz Can Stand The Test Of Time

Swiss made furniture
Kommode – Photo Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

Looking for new ways to impress through innovation and design, New York-based design Studio Seitz transforms our perception of everyday objects into a stylish line of furniture that both wows and soothes your heart at the same time. With family craftsmanship dating back to the 1700s, co-founders Kevin Seitz and Rob van Wyen take the best of Swiss made and excellence to revitalize art forms that are quickly fading away.

Bedside Table – Photo Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

“We truly want to create objects that can stand the test of time. As a result, we partnered with the same workshop that produced those heritage pieces for Kevin’s family—under the guise of modern simplicity.” – Rob van Wyen

Limen Teapot – Photo Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

Some of the standout pieces in the collection include the Stabellenbank and Stabellenstuhl, or stable bench and stool, the elegant solid ash Kommode dresser, candleholders fashioned on Alpine milk pails, the beautifully handcrafted Limen Teapot, and stand out lighting to highlight the special moments in every day.

Desk Light, Table Light – Photo Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

This beautiful collection upholds modernist principles with tactile simplicity, through honest materials and distinct techniques.

Stabellenbank – Photo Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

These quality pieces are made by traditional craftsmen whose unparalleled passion is passed down from the generations before them—so that each piece can stand the test of time.

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