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Four Diet Changes That We Should All Be Thinking About

The summer is finally here, and it is the perfect time to think about making some changes to your diet. The weather is better, so we do not always feel the need to fall back on our comfort foods, and there is more fresh fruit and veg out there to enjoy. However, it is also a time when we are either treating ourselves because we are on holiday or falling back on bad habits because we are stressed about getting our work done before we get there. Here are a few diet changes everyone should be thinking about.

Cut Back On Red Meat

Let’s start with a big one. It is the time of year when everyone is getting their barbeques out and buying burgers and sausages to grill up for their friends and family. But if you want to find healthy ways to change your diet, cutting way back on, or cutting out entirely, your red meat consumption is a big step. Red meat causes heart disease as well as contributes to other serious health issues like cancer. Why not try out the vegetarian/vegan boom and buy some meat-free alternatives? They’ve come a long way in the last few years.

Cut Back On Caffeine

Everyone likes a strong cup of coffee in the morning and an afternoon cup of tea to give you that boost to carry you through to the end of the day. But caffeine has a massive impact on our healthy sleep patterns, which in turn leaves you less well-rested and more likely to rely on quick boosts from sugar. Caffeine also impacts your blood pressure and mood, so why not try some caffeine-free alternatives? You may have heard about CBD tea, which is paired with hemp. CBD is a great natural ingredient that may have a range of different benefits, and CBD chamomile tea is a perfect way to unwind at the end of the day.

Eat Locally Grown Produce

During the winter, most people tend to rely on fruit and veg that have been grown abroad. During the summer, it is much easier to find delicious produce that has been grown locally. This is not only about supporting local businesses, but you will also be cutting down on your carbon footprint. Head to your local farmer’s market or greengrocers to find out what is in season and start planning some tasty recipes.

Eat More Fish

What people who do not eat a lot of fish may not realise is that they are missing out on not only a delicious treat, but some of the most important minerals that everyone needs. Mineral-rich fish can help with a range of different health issues because they are loaded with things like calcium, selenium, and magnesium. Again, you should really be looking for locally sourced fish, and ideally you should be looking at fish that has been farmed responsibly. This part is not just to help businesses and the environment, it will taste better too!


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