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Stand Out This Summer: Holiday Style Tricks for Men

While dressing for cold weather is fairly easy, as textures are plentiful and you have the possibility of layering, summer dressing may present more of a challenge. Although summer brings many great things to look forward to, such as barbecues, beer gardens, and bronzed skin, this often means that wardrobe choices diminish quickly. Staying cool is often a top priority, followed closely by looking stylish. Thankfully, there are a few style tricks that you will want to get on board with to elevate your holiday outfits. Below you will find our top tips to step up your style game, find your new favourite looks, and even catch a few admiring glances on your holiday.

Choose Clothes That Fit

Fit should always be the first consideration when it comes to buying new clothes and crafting new outfits. Therefore, when you are choosing a new jacket, you will need to ensure it fits well across the shoulders and check it’s not too long on the arm or body. Similarly, trousers and shorts will look best on you, if they are slim-fitting and of the correct length. Make sure they fit around the backside as well for a complete look. If you need support with making your clothes fit, be sure to request the help of a tailor.

Find The Right Footwear

It is important to get your summer footwear sorted while you are taking a much-needed vacation. Sandals are a great choice, as they are perfect for any occasion, from taking a stroll along the beach to putting up a tent. At Printemps, you can explore a variety of sandals for men, which can be paired with various fashion pieces, such as linen trousers or a lightweight suit. This makes them the perfect summer staple, that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Be sure to check out the full collection of sandals for men to find the right style for your needs.

Embrace Eccentric Patterns

You can show your confidence by experimenting a bit with colour and patterns. Look out for jackets, chinos, socks, and knitwear with unique designs, which can be a great conversation starter. To keep it subtle but fun, be sure to avoid choosing pieces that have too much going on. Instead, choose a piece with a neutral colour and a simple design or muted shades accented with the odd splash of colour. Eccentric and bold patterns will help you stand out at any party you attend this summer and show off your personality.

Upgrade Your Shorts

Tricks for Men
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Shorts are another summer staple with plenty of untapped potential. Therefore, if your standard khaki and navy shorts dominate the rotation, you may want to mix things up by adding on-trend chino shorts or cargo shorts. Moreover, a simple pair of white shorts can be combined with a wide range of tops, such as coloured and printed T-shirts and crisp white button-up shirts. Alternatively, denim shorts have a bit more of a street and city theme, which can give you a stylish edge on holiday. Additionally, linen shorts are great for the summer, as they are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Select The Perfect Polo Shirt

Endangered Animals LacosteFew other menswear items are as versatile as polo shirts, which makes them a staple in every man’s wardrobe. With the right details and when matched with the best wardrobe items, polo shirts offer a classic and stylish appearance. A great look that will work for various occasions, including holidays involves combining a dusky pink cotton polo shirt with a pair of dark navy or olive chinos. For a refined look, you may want to include a pair of white trainers or loafers. Overall, a polo shirt should sit close to your body, but shouldn’t be too tight.

Think About Accessories

If you often find yourself admiring a small detail of someone’s wardrobe, such as a watch, belt, or tie, then you may want to consider adding accessories to your own style. In summer, men are advised to wear hats to offer protection from the sun. Moreover, stylish hats are the perfect addition to suits at outdoor dinners. Make sure that the material the hat is made from is lightweight and breathable. Similarly, sunglasses can easily help you blend function with fashion. Treat yourself to a well-made pair in a timeless style and avoid anything too outlandish.

Look For New Swimwear

There are many options when it comes to finding eye-catching and exciting swimwear for men. You will be glad to know that swim trunks offer the two-for-one benefit, as they can double as a stylish pair of shorts. It may be best to choose a few swim trunks with fun designs and a few others in neutral colours, such as light blue or pale pink. This way, you will always have casual and comfortable shorts in your summer wardrobe. Also, if you are buying swimwear for a pool party with your colleagues, you may want to choose something in a dark colour.


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