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EAR Micro x Klipsch Audio Unveils Luxury Bespoke Ear Computers

Ear Micro Bespoke T10 Ear ComputersKlipsch Audio teamed up with Ear Micro to release the T10 Bespoke Ear Computer, a set of noise-canceling wireless earbuds to change the way you think of luxury sound. Blending high-style luxury materials and hand craftsmanship typical of fine jewelry and watchmaking the buds can deliver a stunning 96kHz/24-bit audio resolution rendered through the LDAC codec, further enhanced by twin Cadence/Tensilica Hi-Fi DSP’s, passed next through ultra-efficient class-D amplifiers, and finally into your ears through acoustically accurate Sonion precision balanced-armature transducers. Despite the incredibly small bud size, they offer nine hours of listening per charge as well as active noise cancelation.

“T10 Bespoke Ear Computers are the ultimate luxury statement. Affluent consumers have always been able to collect fine automobiles, yachts, and aircraft, while sporting high fashion, fine eyewear, precious jewelry, and other custom accessories,” says Patsy Nigh, co-founder of EAR Micro. “But to date, they have not been able to purchase true luxury earwear: products that deliver the best sound, the most advanced technology, and the best styling and craftsmanship in the world.”T10 Bespoke Ear Computers

Paul Jacobs, President & CEO of Klipsch Audio adds, “We’ve been working with EAR Micro for four years to bring T10 Bespoke Ear Computers to life. Together, we’ve leveraged everything Klipsch has learned over its 75+ year history building the world’s best-sounding speakers and headphones to ensure that T10 Bespoke Ear Computers set an entirely new precedent for what is possible with miniaturized wireless audio. We are proud of the result. The T10 Bespoke Ear Computers are like nothing the world has ever seen or heard before—capable of delivering the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience inside your head, yet so diminutive in size that you or anyone else will barely notice you’re wearing them. Plus, they’re so comfortable they can be worn all day long and boast battery life to match.”

Designed individually for each person and then built-to-order, a set of T10 earbuds could set you back between $2,500 and $5,000, depending on materials you choose, like real 18k yellow gold, natural polished pearl or charcoal ceramic zirconia and much more. For more info, customize and purchase, be sure to visit t10bespoke.com


Images Courtesy of Klipsch/Ear Micro

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