‘Radiant Baby’ Drawing From Keith Haring’s Bedroom Is Headed To Auction

Keith Haring Radiant Baby
A wall drawing of Keith Haring’s signature “Radiant Baby” in gold marker above a light switch on the blue wall of his childhood bedroom in his hometown of Kutztown, Pennsylvania, will hit the auction block at Rago/Wright: Post War & Contemporary Art auction on September 14. The current owners of the Victorian home where Haring grew up are Angela and Scott Garner, a couple who purchased the property in 2004, are auctioning off the the drawing, which measures 5 inches in height, to pay for their son’s education.

“The piece is amazing because it’s on the wall of [Haring’s] bedroom where he grew up,” says art historian Christine Isabelle Oaklander in the video put out by the auction house. “It’s really a tag [saying] that this is Keith Haring’s room…There’s literally nothing else like this.”
'Radiant Baby' Drawing From Keith Haring's Bedroom
The auction house has not yet disclosed estimates for the work. Will this piece smash auction records? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Images Courtesy of Rago/Wright

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