This Caviar Grand Complications iPhone 14 With A Rolex Daytona On It Will Set You Back $133,670

iPhone 14 Pro Max Grand Complications DaytonaCaviar, the luxury brand which focuses on making your tech and goods as blingy as they can be, unveiled its upgraded “Grand Complications” collection, an impressive iPhone 14 Pro with a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona embedded onto the back of it. Inspired by racing cars of the 1930s, such as Campbell’s Blue Bird, which set a world speed record on the Daytona track, the caseback is equipped with decorative speedometers, fuel indicators and three decorative switches, made of gold, that mirror the analog gauges of a race-car. The iPhone 14 Pro Max Grand Complications Daytona 1Tb is priced at a staggering $134,250 USD, and will be available in a single copy. Any takers?

For more info be sure to visit Caviar’s website.

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