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The 3 Attractions that You Mustn’t Miss in Cyprus

Ayia Napa, Cyprus – Photo by George Lemon / Unsplash

Cyprus is a country that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It is a mesmerising island in Europe surrounded by Asian countries (Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt). Its mighty history will impress you. Not to mention its stunning natural beauty that makes it look like paradise. Thus, although the island has a great number of amazing sights, there are 3 attractions that we believe that no one should miss in Cyprus.

A quick disclaimer before we move on; Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This explains why the attractions mentioned below may be miles and miles apart. A way to still get to see all of them is by hiring a car. A car is the fastest and most comfortable means of travelling and exploring any country compared to all other kinds of public transport. You can find the ideal vehicle for your trip in Cyprus on Enjoy Travel as it shows travellers modern and reliable cars that are available for hire, including their traits and price, so that they can spot their favourite one easily and book it online immediately. Once you reach the island and get inside the car, your fantastic holidays are ready to start. All you have to do is to visit the attractions below.

Attraction 1: House of Dionysus in Paphos

As part of the Paphos Archaeological Park, House of Dionysus is a villa that was built in the Hellenistic times, in late 2nd century AD. It was named after god Dionysus because he is featured in several mosaics. The mosaics, the intricate and artistic floor designs, are the main attraction. Besides Dionysus, Scylla, a sea monster, other mythological creatures and scenes from hunting are portrayed in those mosaics. Of course, you can walk around the huge house, or what’s left of it, as an earthquake in the 4th century caused severe damages.

Attraction 2: Kourion Archaeological Site in Episkopi

After having seen the rich house, you can go to even grander ancient remnants in the Kourion Archaeological Site. Kourion was a powerful city kingdom. There are several important buildings that have been left there to remind people of its greatness. The Greco-Roman Theatre, the House of Eustolios, the baths, the Roman Agora, a basilica and the Stadium of Kourion are the most popular spots.

Attraction 3: Museum of Underwater Sculpture, Ayia Napa

It is safe to say that a visit to underwater museums is one of the coolest things that anyone can do in this life. Well, you are lucky because there is one in Cyprus. There are more than 90 artworks, sculptures of trees and human figures, in this museum. The museum was built in the specific area because the marine life there has been eradicated. The purpose of the museum is to remind people of the need to respect and take care of the environment. The sculptures of trees and kids convey that exact message.


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