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The Most Stunning Destinations in Barbados


When you think of Barbados, postcard-perfect images of soft-sand beaches with clear turquoise waters often come to mind. And indeed, this tiny Caribbean nation is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches and the reason it has become a popular destination for a relaxing vacation. These beaches also offer opportunities for enjoying water sports if you prefer an adventure-filled getaway to the Caribbean.

Here are some of the most stunning destinations in Barbados.

   Carlisle Bay, St Michael

Carlisle_Bay, Barbados
Photo: Pontificalibus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Barbados has many stunning beaches, including the crescent-shaped Carlisle Bay in St Michael. Located along the island’s west coast, it has a natural harbour adjoining the capital city of Bridgetown. Thus, it used to be busy with merchant vessels, mainly those of the British. Nowadays, what you will find anchored at the harbour are luxury yachts and catamarans.

Named after the Earl of Carlisle, the Lord Proprietor of Barbados during 1600, the bay lies within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic location has many excellent accommodations, making it an ideal base for your holiday in Barbados.

Aside from sightseeing, Carlisle Bay is also a popular spot for enjoying water sports. At its harbour, you’ll find traditional fishing boats alongside modern catamarans and super yachts owned by the rich and the famous.

If you want to snorkel or scuba dive, head to the marine park of Carlisle Bay. The bay has six shipwrecks, attracting numerous marine life species, from tropical fish to turtles, eels, octopus, and manta rays.

Families with little kids should check out Browne’s Beach along Carlisle Bay. It has calm waters and soft sands, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and playing with your little ones.

Mullins, St Peter

Stunning Destinations in Barbados
Photo by Tom Jur / Unsplash.com

Mullins Beach is another fantastic beach in Barbados, located in St Peter, south of Speightstown. It’s one of the stunning beaches along the island’s west coast, famous for its many luxury villas and apartments with lovely gardens hugging the coast. Those looking to enjoy a luxurious holiday in Barbados will find Mullins an ideal place to stay.

Aside from its crystal-clear waters, Mullins attracts beachgoers for its numerous facilities. It has sun beds to rent and is home to shops offering water sports rental. Another draw to the beach is the Sea Shed restaurant, which has become one of the favourite places for visitors and locals to dine.

With its calm waters, Mullins offers the perfect place to indulge in water sports like jet skiing. Whether new to the sport or a pro, Mullins is an ideal place to enjoy this sport. Mullins is also a haven for snorkellers and divers since it has abundant sea life. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy an exciting diving experience. However, there are no lifeguards, so stay within the roped-off area to stay safe.

   Royal Westmoreland, St James

Photo: instagram.com/insandoutsbarbados

Royal Westmoreland is an upscale resort area in St James with a world-class golf course and a beach resort. Nestled along the island’s prestigious west coast, it has become a favourite place for the rich and the famous to unwind and socialise with other like-minded visitors.

Nestled along stunning landscaped grounds of the lovely parish of St James, Royal Westmoreland offers its guests a combination of luxury and privacy. The estate boasts lavishly appointed properties, from upscale villas to world-class hotels, luring high-profile holidaymakers from around the world. Aside from its world-class golf course and elegant beaches, Royal Westmoreland has swimming pools and tennis courts. When staying in this area, you will end your vacation feeling relaxed and pampered.

You will have plenty of choices for a place to stay in Royal Westmoreland – all exuding luxury. For the ultimate getaway, stay in a sprawling mansion with an incredible swimming pool and spacious lawn, perfect for hosting parties to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

   Fustic Village, St Lucy

Fustic House Barbados

Fustic is another place to consider when looking for a stunning place to stay in Barbados. The lovely village is home to several luxury houses, including one that’s called the Fustic House, an 11-acre estate dating back to 1740. It sits along a ridge above the Barbados coastline, featuring sublime ocean views. The stunning villa has seven luxury suites, including a master bedroom suite that overlooks the Caribbean. It can sleep up to 14 guests, which makes it an ideal choice for those travelling in groups or with the family.

Fustic Village lies in the parish of Saint Lucy in the northernmost area of Barbados. It has a stunning rugged coastline home to beautiful bays. While it may not be a popular swimming spot, it boasts incredible scenic views, perfect for relaxing as you work on your tan.

One of the most popular spots in Fustic Village is the Animal Flower Cave, a beautiful cave with a pool that you can swim in. It also has a clifftop restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch with refreshing cocktails.

   Silver Sands, Christ Church

Silver Sands Beach

On the south coast of Barbados, you’ll find the Silver Sands, a vast stretch of powdery white sand with impressive waves and swells, making it a top spot for enjoying numerous water sports. In winter, its trade winds provide the perfect condition for kitesurfing and windsurfing. You will find rental facilities in the area for these sports.

Given its incredibly scenic views, Silver Sands is a fantastic place to enjoy a relaxing beachside stroll. You will also find shaded picnic benches, perfect for relaxing and enjoying meals with family and friends. If you have kids, have them play at the small play park. There is also a gazebo that’s perfect for relaxing away from the sun.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled getaway in Barbados, stay in Silver Sands. You will find several accommodation options, from resorts and hotels to luxurious villa rentals perfect for families.

Silver Sands is located in the parish of Christ Church in the southern part of the island and is best known for its beaches and fun activities. It also has attractions that cater to families who want to bond and experience the island life together.


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