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These Vintage Apple Sneakers Can Be Yours For $50,000

Apple Computer SneakersOnce again, a scarce Apple collectible has emerged on the internet. This time, it’s an extraordinary find – a pair of custom-made Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers from the mid-1990s. Crafted exclusively for Apple employees by Omega Sports, these exceptionally rare sneakers were specially designed as a limited-edition giveaway during a National Sales Conference held in the mid-’90s.

These exclusive sneakers showcase a white upper and sole, adorned with the iconic, vintage Apple logo on both the side and tongue. Available in size 10.5 the shoes are listed in mint condition, still housed within their original box, they come with an extra set of red laces.

Priced at $50,000 these ultra-rare sneakers are currently up for sale at Sotheby’s, offering enthusiasts a chance to add this unique item to their collections. Any takers?

Back in March 2020, a similar pair of shoes was auctioned off at Heritage Auction House in used and fair condition, eventually fetching $9,687 from a total of 20 bids.

Images Courtesy of Sotheby’s


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