Mulberry Embraces Love in Celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival

Zhu Zhu for Chinese Valentine's Day, Qixi Festival
Photo: Zhong Lin / Courtesy of Mulberry

The latest endeavor from the British fashion group Mulberry involves cultivating a deeper sense of closeness through a modern love narrative, celebrating the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) and unveiling a new campaign featuring renowned Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. Toting must-have purses for the season, Zhu elegantly carries Mulberry’s Bayswater Powder Rose Heavy Grain and the label’s iconic Bayswater Powder Rose Heavy Grain, as beautifully captured by Zhong Lin.

“Loving ourselves, is something we need to keep on learning and practicing through our whole lives. Recently, inspired by the newly experienced motherhood, I am trying to love myself the way I love my daughter. Because I know no matter she’s thin or fat, right or wrong, happy or sad, I love her unconditionally, I feel like this is a very good method to practice loving ourselves unconditionally. ❤️🥰” – the 39-year-old actress shared on Instagram.

Check out Mulberry’s website for last-minute gift ideas for Qixi Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

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