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Setting Sail in Style: Maserati x Vita Power Tridente Electric Speedboat Unveiled

Maserati Tridente
In perfect timing for the summer season, Maserati, the renowned Italian luxury carmaker, is setting sail into the world of electric boating with a tantalizing glimpse of their upcoming Tridente powerboat. Created in collaboration with electric marine company Vita Power, the Maserati Tridente is an electric powerboat featuring two motors coupled with a 253-kWh battery pack. This setup offers an estimated range of up to 70 nautical miles and a top speed of around 40 knots, thanks to its 600 horsepower.Maserati Tridente Electric powerboat

Measuring 10.5 meters in length, the aptly named Tridente is a sculpted electric motorboat designed for leisurely excursions. It comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers, offering a versatile cockpit that transforms from a dining space to a zone for experiencing thrilling acceleration.

“Vita Power and Maserati share the same vision for the future of mobility and a mutual passion for crafting luxury creations that prioritize uncompromising performance and elegance,” the company stated in a press release.

Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, the Maserati Tridente boasts meticulous finishing by Hodgdon Yachts, a renowned Maine-based US boatbuilder with a rich heritage exceeding 200 years. Hodgdon is known for their passion, excellence, and expertise in crafting superyacht tenders.

The price ? The Maserati Tridente is available for order now, starting at a cool $2,660,000 with a delivery time of around 10 months.Maserati Vita Power Tridente powerboat

Images Courtesy of Maserati / Vita Power

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