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Unlock Adventure: Singer Divetrack Diving Chronograph Watch Revealed

Singer DivetrackSinger introduces the Divetrack, a groundbreaking timepiece that seamlessly blends the brand’s signature design with an innovative 24-hour central chronograph, marking a new era in diving watches. The Divetrack boasts a substantial yet lightweight titanium case featuring open-worked lugs, with dimensions measuring 49 mm in diameter and 19.67 mm in height.

“The Singer Divetrack represents a bold leap forward in our quest to reimagine what a diving watch can be,” says Marco Borraccino, the visionary behind Singer Reimagined and the company’s CEO. “It’s not just about adding a new feature; it’s about enhancing the dive experience with unparalleled precision, functionality, and style.”

Featuring a water resistance of 300 meters, this timepiece boasts a distinctive sandwich structure that ingeniously utilizes three sapphire crystals. In an unexpected approach, the watch presents the current time on the side of its case, beneath a sapphire crystal, which is read using a triangular pointer positioned above the strap.

This design ensures excellent dial visibility, showcases the movement, and offers frontal visibility of the hour disk like never before. The Central Sub-Counter is a versatile tool with three key zones:

CHILL (0h-6h): Calculates the surface interval for your next dive based on factors like previous dive duration, depth, and frequency.
DIVE (6h-18h): Indicates when it’s safe to dive again after completing the necessary surface interval.
FLY (18h-24h): Highlights the safe window before flying post-dive to mitigate health risks like pulmonary embolism. According to PADI guidelines, it’s recommended to wait at least 18 hours after your last dive before flying.

Developed over a decade, the Divetrack boasts a specialized 24-hour variant of the AgenGraphe automatic movement seen in the Track 1 model. Unlike the Track 1’s triple counters, which measure up to 60 units (seconds, minutes, and hours), the Divetrack’s movement measures intervals of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. Additionally, this alteration increases the movement’s power reserve to 72 hours, compared to the standard calibre’s 55-hour reserve.Singer Divetrack caseback

The Singer Divetrack comes with a black rubber strap featuring a folding buckle, along with a technical textile strap equipped with Velcro for added versatility. Priced at CHF 85,000 (approximately $94,000), the Singer Reimagined Divetrack is limited to a quantity of 25 pieces in 2024. The exclusive timepiece is set to be revealed at Geneva Watch Week next month. Head over to Singer’s website to learn more.

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