Tesla Founder Elon Musk Is Now the World’s Richest Person

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Is Now the World’s Richest Person

Move over Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk has become the world’s richest person, overtaking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who had held it since 2017, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Tesla’s rocketing share price propelled Musk’s net worth up to $195 billion, eclipsing Jeff Bezos’s net worth of $185 billion. “How strange,” Musk tweeted in response to … Read more

Say hello to Caviar Cyberphone, A Tesla Cybertruck-inspired iPhone

Russian luxury tech company Caviar has unveiled Cyberphone, a modified iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max to look like Tesla’s new Cybertruck. Inspired by the geometry of Tesla’s angular Cybertruck, the Cyberphone is made out of titanium, the screen is covered by a titanium plate, which can flip down and around to the back. Here’s … Read more

Tesla Announces Roadster 3.0 With 400 Mile Range

Tesla is releasing a new Roadster 3.0 package for the original Tesla Roadster, the two-seater sports car that was also the company’s first car. The company says this will enable the car to travel more than 400 miles (643.7 km) on a single charge and will be showcased during a non-stop drive from San Francisco … Read more

The Richest People in History, From Ancient Times to the Present

The richest people of all time have come from all walks of life, from emperors and kings to industrialists and entrepreneurs. Their paths to immense wealth have been equally diverse, spanning realms such as commerce, military conquest, and groundbreaking innovation. While it is difficult to say definitively who was the richest person in history, it … Read more

The 5 Best Luxury Vehicles of 2019

2019 is drawing slowly to a close, and as we look forward to the new year, we turn to look back on the best luxury vehicles that 2019 had to offer. It seems that every year automakers outdo themselves with eye-catching new models and stunning lineups of the fanciest cars you’ve ever had the pleasure … Read more

Aston Martin Reveals Fully Electric RapidE Concept

Watch out Tesla! Aston Martin has unveiled their new RapidE concept, based on the Rapide S. Developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, the British luxury automaker showcased the EV at London’s Lancaster House in time for a meeting between British royals and President of The People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping. The automaker didn’t … Read more

Rinspeed XchangE Concept – The Future of Autonomous Driving

Swiss tuner Rinspeed plans to revolutionize the automotive industry with XchangE Concept. The new concept is all about autonomous driving and is based on a Tesla Model S electric car. “So far hardly anyone has taken this to its logical conclusion from the perspective of the driver. After all, traveling in a driverless car will … Read more