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A Closer Look at the $1.2 Million “Ultimo Diamond Back Miracle Bra”

Scottish entrepreneur Michelle Georgina Mone, in collaboration with jeweler Grant Macintyr, designed the most expensive bra in the UK, the “Ultimo Diamond Back Miracle Bra.” The bra is set in platinum and adorned with 32 brilliant-cut, white 1-carat diamonds that form the backstrap

Michelle Mone OBE said: “What girl doesn’t want to be draped in diamonds from head to toe? We designed this bra as the perfect gift for girls who love diamonds. What makes it so unique and sexy, is that the diamonds grace the lower back, one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body. Also, if you have £800,000 worth of diamonds on your body, why keep them under wraps! This bra cleverly allows you to show them off, revealing just the right amount of skin.”

Priced at staggering £800,000 ($1,258,020) the Ultimo ‘Diamond Back Miracle Bra’ can be made to order only. So gentlemen, if you’re feeling generous, it’s time to spoil your lady.


[ Source: Ultimolingerie ]

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