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Pokémon Gets a High-Fashion Makeover with Tiffany & Co. and Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham Pokémon JewelryGotta Collect ‘Em All – Tiffany & Co. is once again making waves with a distinctive collaboration, this time joining forces with Daniel Arsham and Pokémon to craft a capsule collection of exquisite jewelry, showcased in a special Tiffany Blue Poké Ball jewelry box. Drawing inspiration from Daniel Arsham’s “Future Relics” aesthetic, which reimagines everyday objects as future archaeological finds, the collection draws upon his exhibition “A Ripple in Time” in Japan, featuring Pokémon artworks that evoke the passage of time.

“With my latest project with Tiffany, we’ve recontextualized Pokémon—a nod to my 2022 A Ripple in Time project in Tokyo—to orchestrate a new narrative,” said Mr. Arsham, in a statement. “With Pokémon and Tiffany, itself, there’s a sense of cultural permanence about each.”

The collection comprises nine designs, each highlighting Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Cubone, or Mew. In addition to these individual pieces, the collection also includes a stunning necklace showcasing all six Pokémon together. The necklaces and pendants are crafted with meticulous precision from either oxidized sterling silver or 18k yellow gold, mirroring the crystallized aesthetic seen in the sculptures showcased in the earlier mentioned exhibition.

The much-awaited Tiffany & Co. x Arsham Studio x Pokémon capsule collection will be exclusively accessible for a limited duration via Tiffany & Co.’s wwebsite and select stores starting November 29. The collection is priced between $1,290 and $29,000 USD.

Well, one thing’s certain – Pokémon collectors, brace yourselves, because the stakes just skyrocketed!

Images Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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