Trussardi 1911 Camouflage City Bicycle

Trussardi 1911 Camouflage City Bicycle
Italian fashion house Trussardi introduced this military-inspired ride for all the bicycle fashion lovers around the world. Inspired by the army the new Trussardi Camouflage Bicycle is heavily accessorized and features two matching bags hung on both the front and the back, and comes with camouflage leather covers.

“Almost 30 years ago, the first historic Trussardi bicycle was built. Today, we have the pleasure of reintroducing a new citybike, the Trussardi 1911. The chassis is made of steel and coated in a special paint that reproduces the tones of the leather collection. It is accompanied with a camouflage bag, a true symbol of the “Maison”. The Trussardi 1911 includes golden detailing on the mudguards. It is decorated with two greyhounds, the Trussardi icons. This is certainly a design that combines elegance, technology and beauty. The front and rear bags are sold separately. ”
Trussardi Camouflage Bicycle Trussardi Camouflage Bicycle

[ Source: Trussardi ]

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