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World’s First Gold Coin Integrated With a Diamond

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , the Queen of England is the Monarch of Canada as well, prepares to celebrate an unprecedented 60 years as Canada’s monarch. For this occasion the Royal Canadian Mint is releasing collector’s coins in honor of both, based on distinctly Canadian themes.

$300 Pure Gold Coin – The Queen’S Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012 ; Using a proprietary process, a certified Canadian diamond is locked inside the coin’s rim as the coin itself is struck. This allows the proud owner of this innovative coin to admire the diamond’s brilliance on either side of a coin fashioned of 99.999% pure gold; the purest of its kind in the world.

The reverse of this coin depicts a portrait by Canadian artist Laurie McGaw, of a young Queen Elizabeth II, with her hand outstretched as if to touch the genuine Canadian diamond symbolizing her sixty-year reign. The obverse design is the work of British Columbia portrait artist Susanna Blunt, who designed the effigy of Her Majesty which has appeared on Canadian coins since 2003 and was introduced in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each of these coins, which are limited to 1,500 examples world-wide, is accompanied by a serialized certificate confirming the diamond’s authenticity, weight and clarity. This exclusive new coin with a $300 face value retails for $1,999.95 CAD.

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