Maroquinaris Zoologicae by Billie Achilleos for Louis Vuitton

Maroquinaris Zoologicae
Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton commissioned young British artist Billie Achilleos to create “Maroquinaris Zoologicae”, a miniature zoo using LV’s small leather goods. “Keeping alive the skills of a forgotten craft, Billie embodies the new generation of traditional artisans, forever inventing and creating.” Pushing the boundaries of art and fashion, the fascinating project features over 20 members of the animal kingdom including mammals, birds, reptiles, crustaceans, and even insects.  Take a look at the complete line-up after the jump.

“Each animal highlights an element in the design of the products,” states Billie in her blog. “The Armadillo was to highlight the soft yet durable quality of the leather. The Chameleon displays the variety of color.”

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton. Check out the full work online here.

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