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Bell & Ross Flight Instruments Collection

Bell & Ross Flight
After the launch of the Horizon model we showed you last week, Bell & Ross launched two new timepieces at Baselworld 2012: BR01 Altimeter and BR01 Turn Coordinator, part of its “Flight Instruments” collection.
The BR01 HORIZON draws its inspiration from the attitude indicator flight instrument which makes it possible to monitor the aircraft’s position relative to the horizon, whatever the visibility conditions.

The BR01 ALTIMETER is inspired from the altimeter flight instrument which calculates the aircraft’s altitude based on the measurement of atmospheric pressure.

The BR01 TURN COORDINATOR design is inspired from the Turn Coordinator flight instrument which indicates flight symmetry, without which the aircraft slides or slips. The turn indicator is a gyroscope
used to visualize the rate of turn (roll). It features a bearing that moves in a curved tube to represent the aircraft’s sideslip. The bearing functions using gravity.”

Bell & Ross Flight Instruments Collection

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