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Richard Mille RM 022 Carbon Limited Edition Watch

French watchmaker Richard Mille has launched a new limited-edition timepiece, the RM 022 Carbon, a lightweight tourbillion. Limited number of only 5 pieces, the RM 022 tourbillon “Aerodyne” Dual Time Zone features a 50mm case created from carbon nanotubes and houses in the Caliber RM022, a manual winding tourbillon with dual time capabilities and a 70 hour power reserve. Technical specifications below.

Technical specifications

Baseplate of honeycombed orthorhombic Titanium aluminide / Carbon nanofiber
Power reserve: circa 70 hours
Torque indicator
Dual time zone indicator
Power reserve indicator
Function selector
Variable inertia, free sprung balance
Fast rotating barrel (6 hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours)
Winding barrel teeth and third-wheel pinion with central involute profile
Barrel pawl with progressive recoil
Modular time setting mechanism fitted against the case back
Wheel based time setting system (back of the movement)
Closure of the barrel cover by eccentric screws
Ceramic endstones for the tourbillon cage
Central bridge in rigidified ARCAP
Spline screws in grade 5 titanium for the bridges and case


[ Richard Mille / Hodinkee ]

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