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Hermès Haute Bijouterie Collection by Pierre Hardy

Hermès, the luxury accessories maker has now decided to push its luxury bag designs one step further, and transformed them into something even more extravagant, under the “Haute Bijouterie”. Designed by Creative Director Pierre Hardy, the new haute bijouterie collection will consist of four iconic bags, miniature jewelry versions of some of its most iconic handbag designs.

“The challenge was to make them magical and feminine yet still respect each bag’s original design. It’s like making a perfume—there’s the eau de toilette and there’s the essence. I had to capture the essence and make each even more iconic than it already is. The most challenging one was probably the Kelly because it is most well known.” – said Hardy.

Think the haute bijouterie will be successful???

Hermès Birkin: Sac bijou in rose and white gold with 2,712 diamonds (total carat weight: 89.22)
Hermès Chaine D’Ancre: Sac bijou in white gold with 11,303 diamonds (total carat weight: 86.24)
Hermès Kelly: Sac bijou in rose gold with 1,160 diamonds (total carat weight: 33.94)
Hermès Nausicaa: Sac bijou in rose gold with 1,811 Diamonds (Total Carat Weight: 28.87)

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