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Dior Creates Temporary Tattoos Made Of 24K Gold

Ors de Peau – French fashion house has released a limited edition collection of 24-carat gold temporary tattoos for it’s ‘Grand Bal’ collection. Designed by Dior Jewelry Designer, Camille Miceli; made using 24-carat gold leafing, each set includes cuffs, chain bracelets, charms, and rings.

From Dior:
“Discreet or sumptuous, refined and luxurious, gold is putting in an appearance everywhere at Dior. Today, Dior gold is making its mark, right on your skin. Make-believe yet real jewels, these precious tattoos are an ephemeral Joaillerie design by Camille Miceli for Dior. Created from 24-carat gold micro-particles, they can be worn as a finishing touch or a total look. Fusing with your skin, these incredible cuffs, extravagant chain bracelets, discreet earrings and sexy chokers are highly covetable objects.”

Retailing for $120 a set, the gold tattoos are currently out of stock at Nordstorm. What do you think of?

Photos Courtesy of Dior

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