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RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Dive Watch

Swiss watch brand RJ-Romain Jerome just launched its first diver’s watch, aptly dubbed the Octopus. Limited edition of 888 pieces each, the RJ Octopus will come in a few styles: steel, black PVD-coated steel and black PVD-coated steel with red gold. Faithful to the Titanic-DNA collection, the notched bezel contains oxidised and stabilised steel from the Titanic.

” CEO Manuel Emch wanted this diver’s watch to be different in terms of both its aesthetic expression and its technical execution. The Octopus features two crowns, one at 9 o’clock to set the watch and a second one at 3 o’clock for the elapsed time controller. It is equipped with an exclusive internal unidirectional rotating sapphire bezel system featuring engraved five-minute graduation. The chapter ring’s markers are enhanced with Superluminova “blue emission“ to ensure maximum visibility under the water. The hands are also luminescent.”

The Metal and Black Octopus is available for $13,750 while the Red Octopus is up for $14,900.

[ RJ-Romain Jerome ]

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