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Bugatti x Desvall Shisha Pipe

Renowned car manufacturer Bugatti has partnered with luxury shisha pipe maker Desvall to create ‘Bugatti by Desvall’ – an iconic shisha/hookah described as “the ultimate statement for shisha connoisseurs.” Handmade in Sweden by premier artisans, the 80 cm (31.4 inches) tall shisha has a pure titanium frame stamped with Ettore Bugatti’s initials, wrapped in a special edition carbon fiber outer casing, and a hand-sewn leather stitching. The pipe also features Desvall’s patented pivot technology, which lets the hose do a complete 360-degree rotation around the base, making it ideal for groups. The Bugatti by Desvall retails for $100,000 USD and will be limited to 150 pieces.





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