Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway by Oliver’s Travels

Lovers Deep is a luxury submarine offered by Oliver’s Travels, a London-based luxury travel company for couples to go on a romantic getaway, on the Caribbean Island of your choice. This experience billed as the “Mile Low Club” offers a private, romantic evening under the sea, including an aphrodisiac menu serving up dishes such as oysters, caviar and a decadent chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate, designed to put you in the mood.

“The stunning views of the marine world will take your breath away and the vessel comes fully staffed with your very own team who are on hand to make sure you never have to take your eyes off the view, or each other.” – the press release notes.

The lavish experience can be reserved for around £175,000 (Approx. $292,857USD) per night and a two-night minimum stay. Pretty posh, huh?





[ Oliver’s Travels ]


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