Bentley Unveils New colours for Bentley Capsule Handbag Collection

Bentley Barnato Bag
Bentley Barnato Bag

After the success of the limited-edition Bentley Handbag Collection, luxury car brand celebrates the spring season with a new range of colours for its capsule handbag collection.

“The colours are strong and exciting. We want to bring accents of daring colour into a woman’s wardrobe.” commented Dr Ariane Reinhart, member of the board of Bentley Motors. “The shades emphasise an aspect of the true Bentley personality, which a new generation of female customers can enjoy in their daily lives. The new handbag colours are complemented by the new silk scarves and bring the refined luxury and bespoke elements of a Bentley to a wider female audience.”

Bentley Continental Bag
Bentley Continental Bag

Bentley used some alluring combinations, the palette of colors is quite attractive. The bags will be available to order online and from local Bentley showrooms after they’re officially revealed in Geneva tomorow, March 4. The Continental handbag is priced at $5,500USD while the Barnato handbag is priced at $7,000USD and silk scarves are priced at $278USD.

The silk scarves depict architectural and natural landscape features in an abstract pattern, and are available in two colour combinations of blue/Magenta and orange/Magenta.

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