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BMW K1600 by Krugger Motorcycles

This impressive ride is the work of custom bike builder Krugger Motorcycles. Commissioned by BMW France, the automotive giant gave him free reign, the only restrictions were to kept the 161 hp engine and the electronics in place.

“Building a bike is easy,” says Fred “Krugger” Bertrand, “but building a bike and keeping all the technology of the K1600 is more difficult. The biggest problem was including all the electronics, from the computers to the ABS box, and even small stuff like sensors.”

Inspired from the pre-War BMW R7, Krugger created a bodywork which is quite unlike anything our eyes has ever seen. The chassis its longer and lower now, while the radiators were moved to the side. The bike features a complete new Beringer brake system, the Duolever front suspension system is heavily modified too and 21” wheels at the front and 20” at the rear, machined from American-made blanks. That is one fantastic uber-bike.




[ Krugger Motorcycles / Via: Bike EXIF ]

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