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Dartz Debuts The Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV

Dartz, the Latvian company renowned for building armored vehicles, is back, this time with its “the real spy car of the 21st century”. Named after a Russian attack helicopter – Prombron Black Shark , it’s based on a Mercedes-Benz GL and comes with a Kevlar-titanium body, fingerprint and retina scanner, B7 grade armor plating, sniper resistant roof and disappearing door handles with anti-paparazzi shock device. Power is provided by either a V8 (63 AMG) engine or V12 (65 AMG) engine, with tuning available up to a claimed 1,500 horsepower. Dartz plans to build only ten Prombron Black Sharks, with five special editions headed to China and five models headed elsewhere. The price tag? All Dartz is saying is it involves six zeros. For more info visit Dartz.


[ Source: Datrz ]

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