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Mercedes-Benz Cork Surfboard for Garrett McNamara

Mercedes-Benz collaborated with Corticeira Amorim and Polen Surfboards for the development of two new, innovative surfboards under the MBoard project. Designed for the world-class Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara, the first one is made entirely from Portuguese cork, and has already been handed over to McNamara, while the second board is being produced from a foam material used in the manufacture of aircraft wings.

“As Portugal is the world’s biggest producer of cork, it makes sense to use that material to produce high-performance surfboards. For surfing high waves, we need a flexible board that is also tough enough not to break.”  commented on the decision to opt for a sustainable material, Garrett McNamara.

The surfing legend plans to use the two boards to ride the high waves off the Portuguese coast in Nazaré. Garrett McNamara currently holds the record for the highest wave ever surfed in Nazaré at 62.4 km/h, a staggering speed measured thanks to a telemetry system developed by Mercedes-Benz as part of the MBoard project.

Detail of the surf cork production.
Detail of the surf cork production.
The surfboard being shaped.
The surfboard being shaped.

[ Source: Mercedes-Benz ]

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