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Filson x Shinola Watch Collection

Seattle based outfitter, Filson introduced its first watch collection in partnership with Shinola. Assembled by hand in Shinola’s Detroit watch factory, the Filson watch collection includes two case designs, the Mackinaw Field and Journeyman (43mm and 44mm) and 25 styles.

“Filson and Shinola share a dedication to American manufacturing and products that are built to last. We are proud to join forces with Shinola to create these watches built for action using materials of the highest standards,” said Filson President, Gray Madden.


Both pieces will be available with Bridle Leather and Dry Tin Cloth as well as Horween, nylon, and rubber.
The watches will retail between $600 and $1,100 and are available online at Filson for pre-order.

[ Source: Filson ]

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