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Carlsson Introduces C25 Super GT Final Edition

German tuner Carlsson presents the Final Edition of the C25 Super GT, based on the Mercedes-Benz SL (R230).  At the exterior, the supercar sports custom front and rear lights, rear side windows and rear windows, and the body is made entirely of carbon fibre, saving 160kg (353 lbs) over the Mercedes SL on which the C25 is based. Under the hood, the Final Edition comes powered as standard by a 450hp V8, but the 753 hp Carlsson V12 is also available as an alternative power unit for an additional cost.

“Combining Carlsson values, design and engineering skills with top quality craftsmanship, this unique vehicle series has created a lot of interest worldwide since it debuted five years ago,” said Mathias R. Albert, CEO of Carlsson GmbH.

Each car is unique and exclusive, the Final Edition of this Super GT will be limited to one unit per country, as part of the Carlsson C25’s USP. The Carlsson C25 Super GT Final Edition will be unveiled on March 3 at the Geneva Motor Show.

[ Carlsson / Via: Wold Car Fans ]

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