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Introducing The Futuristic Confederate P51 G2 Combat Fighter


This impressive ride is the work of Alabama motorcycle manufactuer Confederate Motors. Inspired by the 1960’s rebel, the chopper is built entirely of 6061 aerospace billet aluminum. It is powered by a 200 horsepower from a big block V-twin featuring 170 ft. lbs. of torque through drag race proven clutch and 5-speed overdrive, fitted carbon fiber wheels, a 120/70-ZR19 Pirelli tire on front wheel and 240/45-ZR17 out back. The bike builder plans to build only  61 examples of the bike, 31 will be designated blonde and presented as raw machined billet and 30 will be in anodized black. MSRP for the blonde is $113,900 USD; MSRP for the black is $119,500 USD.


If you want one visit Confederate Motors to find out how to order yours.

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