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Montblanc M Collection Designed by Marc Newson

Marc Newson teamed up with German brand Montblanc to launch a luxury pen range. Created by milling the polished black resin with a diamond tool, the Montblanc M pen has a polished black resin case with the iconic white emblem at the end of the writing instrument.

“Like Montblanc, I seek to strike a balance in the design between the simplicity of the functional qualities of this product and the creation of a sensory experience in its use,” explains Marc Newson. “From the sight of the shape’s clean lines or the detailed plating of the nib, from the touch and feel of the writing instrument with its polished surface and ruthenium forepart, to the sound of the click of the cap as it is drawn to the body of the writing instrument with the magnet, Montblanc M offers a seamless writing experience that engages the senses.”

Available exclusively from the Montblanc Boutique, The Great Writing Room, Harrods , the range includes a Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pen, ScreenWriter for use on touch screens and as a thin Montblanc Artfineliner for technical drawing. Montblanc M will start at $400.

Photos Courtesy of Montblanc

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  1. Looks just like every other Mont Blanc pen… With a beaver tail. So, great, I guess? I’m still waiting for some company to out do the Lamy Dialog 3 design…

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