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This Rare Koenigsegg One:1 Can Be Yours for $6 Million

Restricted to just 6 customer cars worldwide, Koenigsegg One:1 is a monster of a machine. Flaunting chassis number #7106, this development vehicle was used to debut the One:1 programme at the Geneva Motorshow in 2014.
Boasting of 1400 BHP with 1,360kgs, it is the world’s first car with over 1 horsepower per kilo.
This is the specific car that completed the fastest ever sprint to 186mph (300kph), as well as 0-300-0, and records clocked for straight-line performance and lap times at Spa Francorchamps and Suzuka.
The price? A very reasonable $6 million. The car will be available for delivery next month with a extensive factory refresh by SuperVettura, the Swedish automaker’s official distributor in the United Kingdom.



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