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Black Swan Superyacht Concept By Timur Bozca Is Spectacular

Black Swan Superyacht Concept is a superb 70m motor yacht designed UK-based Turkish designer Timur Bozca. Inspired by an arrow, the luxury yacht boasts a unique look, thanks to the dramatic angles and curves.

“To enhance the travel experience of the passengers, the luxury yacht is equipped with four engines that can generate a total power of up to 23,172 Horsepower. While the cruising speed is around the 20 knots mark, the top speed is a maximum of 28 knots. To keep the enormous engines working, the fuel capacity is a staggering 183,000 litres. Since waters from the seas are unfit for human usage, there is a water tank on board of 38,600 litres capacity. This means sea beast is 10.2 meters long, where the superstructure is made from Aluminium and the Hull Structure of enforced steel. “
The superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests across a master suite and six guest suites.
Amenities include helicopter platform on the top deck, an extended beach club with a pool and more.
Images courtesy of Timur Bozca

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