Hermès Himalaya Birkin: The World’s Most Expensive Handbag?

Hermès Himalaya Birkin
A rare matte white diamond Himalaya Niloticus crocodile Birkin 30 with 18k white gold and diamond hardware sold for 2,320,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $300,168 USD) at a Christie’s Hong Kong auction.

“It is believed that only one or two diamond Himalayas are produced each year, globally, making it one of the lowest production runs for handbags,” the auction stated in a press release.

Produced in 2008, the Hermès 30-centimeter Birkin bag measures 30 w x 22 h x 15 d cm and features a total diamond carat weight of 9.84 set in 174.4 grams of 18k white gold.

If you had the money, would you buy this bag?

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