Tempus Machina 809H “Pointed Crown Guard” Rolex Submariner

Tempus Machina 809H - Reference 114060.
Tempus Machina 809H – Reference 114060.

Following up on its success of the ref 216A big crown, Tempus Machina introduced a perfect blend of vintage and modern – the Tempus Machina 809H, a faithful reinterpretation of a classic Rolex submariner; the pointed crown guard 5512 Submariner from the early 1960’s.
Tempus Machina 809H crown
“The ref 809H embodies everything that was cool about the 5512. There’s is a reason why Steve McQueen wore one as his personal watch. The pointed crown guards of the 809H a focal point and is a work of art in itself taking several days to hand grind and polish. This truly is an amazing timepiece.” says Jeremy Davis, co-found of Tempus Machina.
Tempus Machina 809H side
Priced at $25,000 the 809H comes in a limited run of 30 pieces and is available now.

Photos: Atom Moore / Courtesy of Tempus Machina

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