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Dior Unveiled A Stunning Home Decor Collection

Dior Home Decor Collection
French fashion house has launched their first Dior home decor collection, available exclusively at the brand’s newly opened London flagship. “Living in a house that doesn’t reflect who you are is akin to wearing someone else’s clothes,” Christian Dior used to say. For the new home decor line the brand commissioned 11 designers, including Lucie de la Falaise, Giberto Arrivabene, Jérôme Faillant Dumas, Jérémy Maxwell , Véronique Taittinger, Hubert Le Gall and Peter Marino, to create a range of pieces which include handblown glass carafes, ceramic plates, notebooks, bronze boxes, Dior printed playing cards, crystal glassware and a picnic basket. Here’s a first look at some of our favourites from the new range below.





Images Courtesy of Christian Dior


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