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Bandit9 EVE MK II Motorcycle for M.A.D.Gallery

Saigon-based workshop Bandit9 has rolled out another shiny custom motorcycle. Created exclusively for the M.A.D.Gallery, the handcrafted artistry is based on a 1967 Honda Supersport 125cc and  features a unibody tank in a sleek bullet shape built from a single piece of hand-polished steel, cowhide leather seat, custom exhaust, exposed suspension, an electric starter and more.
“While everyone tends to go old-school on their custom designs with a few tweaks to make it look current, we tend to ignore the past and just make leaps forward,” says Daryl Villanueva, “The Bandit Chief” at Bandit9.

Priced at 14’500 CHF excluding taxes + shipping , this beauty is limited to 9 pieces only.
For more info be sure to pay a visit to M.A.D.Gallery’s website.

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