The Limited-Edition PG X Bugatti Bike Can Be Yours For $39,000

PG X Bugatti Bike
Ride in StyleBugatti and Regensburg-based luxury bicycle manufacturer PG have joined forces once again to create “the ultimate urban bike”. Manufactured and processed in Germany, this beauty is made up of 95% carbon fibre materials, and weighs less than 5kg (11 pounds) making it the lightest urban bike in the world.

The special bike will be produced in a limited-edition of just 667 units, and each bike is entirely customised to the owner’s specifications, available in range of colours and types of leather.

PG’s websites states “the special bike is a piece of sports equipment which is not intended to be used on public roads.”

The newly launched PG x Bugatti Bike will set you back a cool $39,000 – yes, you could buy a new car for that price. So, any takers?




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