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MB&F Introduces The Nixie Machine II

Nixie Machine II
M.A.D. Gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary with a retro sculptural clock, the Nixie Machine II. Rendered by industrial designer Frank Buchwald and Czech tube maker Dalibor Farny, the unusual clock is hand-made from burnished steel and brass, measuring an impressive 1.2m, and using more than 200 individual components.

The Nixie Machine II uses six Nixie tubes to display the time, and comes with integrated Wi-Fi that allows the clock to automatically set the time, removing the need to set it manually.

Describing his creations, Buchwald says, “The attentive observer will not fail to notice that the Machine Lights live from a source other than the hand of man. Although I have worked for over ten years on them, I don’t really regard them as my own work: they are beings in their own nature.”

Priced at a whopping 29,700 CHF (approximately $30,000) the Nixie Machine II is limited to 12 pieces and be available at all three M.A.D Gallery locations around the world (Geneva, Taipei, and Dubai).




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