Neyk Submarine Might Be The Ultimate Luxury Toy

Neyk Submarine
Dutch firm Ocean Submarine teamed up with leading experts from around the world like Rolls-Royce, MTU, and Bosch to create the most maneuverable submarine in the world, the Neyk Submarine. Built with specs approved by NASA and the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Neyk is powered by diesel engines and two virtually noiseless electric motors, capable of speeds of 15 knots and depths of 500 feet. The sub will be able to turn on its axis within a few seconds when the engines are running in opposite directions.

The first Neyk Submarine will have an overall length of 63ft, and will be joined by 66, 72, and 79-foot models.

“My experiences convinced me that we could develop a unique new submarine in partnership with experts from every branch of aviation and underwater vessels,” says Van Eijk. “The project began in 2009 based on a hull that would be suitable for the Navy and coastguard services as well as the luxury market. Having built up considerable expertise in aircraft, spaceships and underwater vessels, my goal was to combine this with the wealth of know-how available in the world today. The result is a new generation of submarines featuring a single multipurpose hull, offering a unique level of luxury and experience in a submarine.”

The interior is customized to your preferences, owners can have anything from a classic to an ultra-modern interior style.

The first Neyk Submarine is due to be completed in January 2018. I will be modest and take the first one!





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