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This Lamborghini + Super Veloce Speedboat Could Be Yours

Lamborghini Super Veloce Speedboat
Say hello to the ultimate toys for thrill-seekers. Miami restaurant mogul Gino Gargiulo spared no expense in this custom built Lamborghini and matching Super Veloce Speedboat, “The LamBoat”. Built to resemble the Lamborghini SV roadster, the catamaran features authentic Lamborghini headlights and taillights, carbon fiber accents, alcantara and comes powered by Mercury racing engines, producing 1550 hp in race mode, with the ability to hit speeds more than 180 mph. Both the Aventador, and the speedboat are finished in an extremely rare special-order colour called Verde Singh, which costs $80,000. This incredible package is currently for sale for $ 2,199,000. If you had the money, would you buy this toys?

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